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Brawlidays Symphony

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Production CompanyBUCK, Los Angeles
Advertiser BrandSupercell, San Francisco
Entrant CompanyBUCK, Los Angeles
Creative DirectorSupercell Creative Team / Supercell
Group Creative DirectorJoe Mullen / BUCK
Creative DirectorDan Marsh / BUCK
Global Executive ProducerNick Carmen / BUCK
Executive ProducerKirsten Collabolletta / BUCK
Executive ProducerLuisa Murray / BUCK
ProducerAdriane Scott-Kemp / BUCK
ProducerAlex DeSanto / BUCK
ProducerMackenzie Alexander / BUCK
Production CoordinatorFlo Fusco / BUCK
Global Head of DesignBrian Won / BUCK
Head of Design - LASteve Day / BUCK
Art DirectorSol Lee / BUCK
Concept ArtistDan Muangprasert / BUCK
Concept ArtistDia Jamandron / BUCK
Concept ArtistFekim Lee / BUCK
Concept ArtistGenice Chan / BUCK
Concept ArtistKaren Lam / BUCK
Concept ArtistRafael Lopez / BUCK
Concept ArtistStan Chan / BUCK
Concept ArtistTuo Kan / BUCK
Concept ArtistVanessa Cheung / BUCK
Concept ArtistVicki Liu / BUCK
Concept ArtistZack Williams / BUCK
Concept ArtistZhen Liu / BUCK
Type DesignerAna Gomez Bernaus / BUCK
Type DesignerAugstina Ferrario / BUCK
Storyboard ArtistCristopher Schenck / BUCK
Storyboard ArtistMickey Quinn / BUCK
Storyboard ArtistTristyn Pease / BUCK
Storyboard ArtistWilliam Rosado / BUCK
Global Head of 2D AnimationDaniel Coutinho / BUCK
Head of 2D - LAPeter Kallstrom / BUCK
2D Animation LeadAbigail Bosworth / BUCK
2D Animation LeadDrew Wiebe / BUCK
2D Animation LeadLumi Chang / BUCK
2D Animation LeadNick Knezvich / BUCK
Global Head of 3DDoug Wilkinson / BUCK
Head of 3D - LAAlex Dingfelder / BUCK
3D Supervisor, FX ArtistMarc Steinberg / BUCK
3D Lead, Modeler, Look Development Artist, Lighter, CompositorWing Sze Lee / BUCK
3D Animation LeadPeter DeSalvo / BUCK
Rigging SupervisorErnesto Ruiz Velasco / BUCK
RiggerHernan Ares / BUCK
RiggerJordan Levitt / BUCK
Modeler, Look Development Artist, Lighter, CompositorAlfonso Petersen / BUCK
ModelerFernando Ruiz / BUCK
Modeler, Look Development Artist, Lighter, CompositorJoshua Studebaker / BUCK
Modeler, Look Development Artist, Lighter, CompositorKien Hoang / BUCK
Modeler, Look Development Artist, Lighter, CompositorMichele Herrera / BUCK
Modeler, Look Development Artist, Lighter, CompositorRui Huang / BUCK
Lighting TDJens Lindgren / BUCK
Modeler, Look Development ArtistPeter Sandeman / BUCK
Look Development ArtistFelipe Ferreira / BUCK
Lighter, CompositorBeatrice Viguier / BUCK
Lighter, CompositorChloe Tu / BUCK
Lighter, CompositorTina Chao / BUCK
3D AnimatorCameron Hicks / BUCK
3D AnimatorHillary McCarthy / BUCK
3D AnimatorJeff Kim / BUCK
3D AnimatorJohn Fielding / BUCK
3D AnimatorJosh Baum / BUCK
3D AnimatorLaura Koval / BUCK
3D AnimatorLiana Krakirian / BUCK
3D AnimatorMike Sime / BUCK
FX ArtistCarlos Villanueva / BUCK
FX ArtistKevin Weber / BUCK
FX ArtistMahmoud Elragheb / BUCK
Global Head of Post ProductionPaal Rui / BUCK
EditorBilly Kostka / BUCK
Assistant EditorRobert Bailey / BUCK

This 2022 Clio Awards Shortlisted entry titled 'Brawlidays Symphony' was entered for Supercell Brawl Stars by BUCK, Los Angeles. The piece was submitted to the medium: Design Craft within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Animation. It consists of 1 video and 7 images.