Burger King

The Impossible Combo

Entrant Company
Zubi Advertising
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Agency NetworkVMLY&R & Ogilvy
Holding CompanyWPP Group
Production CompanySailor Studio, Sao Paulo
Advertiser BrandBurger King, Sao Paulo
Advertising AgencyZubi Miami/DAVID Sao Paulo, Miami
Entrant CompanyZubi Advertising, Miami
Audio Production CompanyA9 Audio, Sao Paulo
Music ProducerApollo, Sao Paulo
VP/Executive Creative DirectorIvan Calle / Zubi Advertising
Creative DirectorJorge Jacome / Zubi Advertising
Associate Creative DirectorFrancisco Losada / Zubi Advertising
Associate Creative DirectorLuis Nuñez / Zubi Advertising
Senior Art DirectorOliver Ehmig / Zubi Advertising
VP Strategic PlanningHenry Gomez / Zubi Advertising
VP Growth MarketingPablo Miró / Zubi Advertising
MD, Global COOSylvia Panico / David Agency
Global CCOPancho Cassis / David Agency
Executive Creative DirectorEdgard Gianesi / David Agency
Executive Creative DirectorRenata Leão / David Agency
Executive Creative DirectorFernando Pellizzaro / David Agency
Executive Creative DirectorJean Zamprogno / David Agency
Creative DirectorRogério Chaves / David Agency
Creative DirectorFabrício Pretto / David Agency
CopywriterFlávio Cherem / David Agency
CopywriterLucas Silva / David Agency
Art DirectorMarlus Lau / David Agency
Art DirectorJoana Plautz / David Agency
Client ServicesCarolina Vieira / David Agency
Client ServicesRafael Giorgino / David Agency
Client ServicesJuliana Chediac / David Agency
Client ServicesGustavo Cyrillo / David Agency
PlanningDaniela Bombonato / David Agency
PlanningCarolina Silva / David Agency
MediaMarcia Mendonça / David Agency
MediaCarolina Chadi / David Agency
MediaFelipe Braga / David Agency
MediaRenata Oliveira / David Agency
MediaFernanda Vieira / David Agency
MediaVictor Fortes / David Agency
Innovation & TechnologyToni Ferreira / David Agency
Innovation & TechnologyGustavo Nanes / David Agency
ProducerFernanda Peixoto / David Agency
ProducerMônica Andrade / David Agency
ProducerLetícia Brito / David Agency
ProducerAna Beatriz Duarte / David Agency
ProducerAriama Pereira / David Agency
EditingLeonardo Nichida / David Agency
EditingRouse Rafaela / David Agency
Client teamFernando Machado / Burger King
Client TeamMarcelo Páscoa / Burger King
Client teamAriel Grunkraut / Burger King
Client teamJuliana Cury / Burger King
Client TeamDaniel Packness / Burger King
Client teamJade Solano / Burger King
Creative CoordinatorMichelle Alonso / Zubi Advertising

This 2023 Clio Awards Bronze winning entry titled 'The Impossible Combo' was entered for Burger King by Zubi Advertising, Miami. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: VMLY&R & Ogilvy and holding company: WPP Group. The piece was submitted to the medium: Direct within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Experience/Activation. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.