Bridge of Life

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Entrant CompanyCheil Worldwide, Seoul
Agency NetworkCheil Worldwide, Seoul
Production CompanyGiringreem Film, Seoul
Editing CompanyGust n Gale, Seoul
Sound Design CompanyLimelight Studio, Seoul
Photography StudioPlanet W, Seoul
Visual Effects CompanyGust n Gale, Seoul
Executive Creative DirectorThomas Hongtack Kim / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
Creative DirectorJoohoon Lee / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
Art DirectorHyungkyun Oh / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
Art DirectorJaeyeon Kim / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
Art DirectorMinjoo Kim / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
Art DirectorJiyeon Choi / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
Art DirectorJinwoo Ryu / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
Art DirectorChaehoon Lee / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
CopywriterYoungjun Kim / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
CopywriterYukyung Joo / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
CopywriterYongkyu Choi / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
CopywriterJieun Park / Cheil worldwide, Seoul
ProducerDukwon Jang
ProducerYouchan Shin
OtherChang-hwa Yeo / Ex Creative, Seoul
OtherTaejin Kang / Ex Creative, Seoul
OtherMyeongjoon Joo / Ex Creative, Seoul
DirectorJaechul Lee / Giringreem, Seoul
DirectorYunsung So / Giringreem, Seoul
CopywriterByoung-hee Kang / Giringreem, Seoul
CopywriterDongwook Kim / Giringreem, Seoul
OtherJaehyuk Yoo / Giringreem, Seoul
OtherDohyun Kim / Giringreem, Seoul
OtherSeung-goo Kang / Giringreem, Seoul
OtherSeukho Lee / Giringreem, Seoul
EditorHeesoo Kim / Gust n Gale, Seoul
Audio EngineerJaedeok Kang / LimeLight Studio, Seoul
OtherJinho Lee / Han Back, Seoul
OtherJiwon Choi / Planet W, Seoul
OtherJoonho An / Fork, Seoul

This 2013 Clio Awards Silver winning entry is titled 'Bridge of Life' . The piece was submitted to the medium: Engagement within the entry type: N/A and the category: Ambient. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.