The Story of O.J.

Entrant Company
The Mill
Film Technique (Animation)
Entry Type
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Advertiser BrandJAY-Z, N/A
Entrant CompanyThe Mill, Los Angeles
Design & Animation The Mill, Los Angeles
Editorial Arcade Edit, Los Angeles
Character Animation Titmouse
ProductionJAY-Z & Mark Romanek via Anonymous Content
DirectorJAY-Z & Marke Romanek via Anonymous Content
Managing DirectorRani Melendez / The Mill
Executive Creative DirectorPhil Crowe / The Mill
Executive ProducerElizabeth Newman / The Mill
ProducerDaniel Midgley / The Mill
Production Coordinator Lauren Wesley / The Mill
Creative DirectorLisha Tan / The Mill
Lead Character DesignRustam Hasanov / The Mill
Art DirectorTim Devlin / The Mill
Title DesignIlya Abulkhanov / The Mill
DesignerNathan McKenna / The Mill.
DesignerGeorge Fuentes / The Mill
DesignerRen Chen / The Mill
DesignerLisha Tan / The Mill
DesignerAmy Graham / The Mil
AnimatorJustin Demetrician / The Mill
AnimatorWoosung Kang / The Mill
AnimatorKyle Moore / The Mill
AnimatorMikhail Pakhomov / The Mill
AnimatorTim Devlin / The Mill
AnimatorEvan Parsons / The Mill
3D Modeling Sasha Vinogradova / The Mill
2D Lead ArtistJohn Shirley / The Mill
Storyboard ArtistVince Wei / The Mill
EditorPaul Martinez / Arcade Edit
Assistant EditorPete Dandrea / Arcade Edit
ProducerBen Kalina / Titmouse
Animation Director Mike Roush / Titmouse
Production ManagerBrendan O’Connor / Titmouse
AnimatorMatt Augustin / Titmouse
AnimatorRoberto Rosi / Titmouse
AnimatorRichard Mather / Titmouse
AnimatorThom McDonnell / Titmouse
AnimatorDaran Carlin-Weber / Titmouse
AnimatorJonathan Peartree / Titmouse
AnimatorGeorge Chung / Titmouse
AnimatorAdam Temple / Titmouse
AnimatorBrian Pak / Titmouse
AnimatorMike McCraw / Titmouse
AnimatorDante Buford / Titmouse
AnimatorMarius Alecse / Titmouse
AnimatorConnie Chan / Titmouse
AnimatorJan Naylor / Titmouse
AnimatorYi Song / Titmouse
AnimatorCarl Aspuria / Titmouse
AnimatorAnthony Parrotta / Titmouse

This 2018 Clio Awards Bronze winning entry titled 'The Story of O.J.' was entered for JAY-Z by The Mill, Los Angeles. The piece was submitted to the medium: Film Technique (Animation) within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Animation. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.