Image of Frank Mazzola

Frank Mazzola
Executive Creative Director
McCann Healthcare

NEW YORK, USA // Known as “a creative’s creative”, Frank has dedicated his entire career to pushing health/wellness forward, with the belief that it is amongst the most creatively-interesting categories in all of advertising when done right.

He began his career at FCB Health, quickly rising through the ranks from junior copywriter to ACD in just a few years.

As a CD and GCD at GSW, Frank helped the agency become the first in the US to win a Global Award for Copywriting, and the only agency (in the world) to earn that distinction two years in a row.

In his time at GSW, he led several famous campaigns, including “Type None” for a world without Type One Diabetes. To this day, that campaign is still a rallying cry for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and a hashtag regularly used by people with diabetes around the world.

In January 2016, Frank came to McCann Humancare, to lead Janssen’s creative work on Stelara and more. In June of that year, he was asked to expand his responsibilities to help another McCann office, McCann Healthcare (formerly RCW), go from a high-science agency to a creatively-driven shop.

As the ECD, he was able to do this within months, not years. By December, the agency’s “Nasty or Nice” campaign for the National Organization of Women (NOW), became national news, with more newsworthy work on its heels.

His philosophy is simple, and consistent: We can’t expect attention. We have to earn it. Meaning, we can’t just be more interesting than our competitors – but everything our audience would rather be looking at.

Frank lives in Westchester, NY with his wife and two of the best things he’s ever helped create: son and daughter Aiden and Avery.