Image of Jeremy Baka

Jeremy Baka
Chief Creative Catalyst, Worldwide
Cohn & Wolfe

LOS ANGELES, USA // Jeremy is the Chief Creative Catalyst, Worldwide, for international marketing agency Cohn & Wolfe.

He has won enough awards to know that reciting them no longer really matters.

He has also developed campaigns for many big brands, another list of which the world simply does not need. However, you have likely seen his work.

More interesting to Jeremy than trophy shelves and splashy brand campaigns is the convergence between human insight and right-brain impulse that drives truly inspired creative.  Without this cerebral fusion, campaigns become the marketing equivalent of Groundhog Day.  To that end, Jeremy remains a one-man crusade against “Autocomplete Thinking,” when tired ideas are served up like a Google drop-down menu.

Jeremy is often brought onboard to push clients beyond their “Pleasantville” safe havens and into the more realistic, unscripted world where raw human experiences meet relevant brand messages.