Image of Ashly Powell

Ashly Powell
Senior Director of Product Development
3D Systems, Inc/Gentle Giant

LOS ANGELES, USA // Ashly Powell works as the Senior Director of Product Development for 3D Systems/Gentle Giant. Gentle Giant, acquired by the world’s largest 3D Printing corporation, 3D Systems in 2013, operates as the company’s Entertainment arm of “On-Demand Solutions”.

Well regarded in the industry, her 15 years’ experience have taken her around the globe; from Gotham City to Hollywood California with frequent visits to Hong Kong along the way.

Powell has cut her teeth managing a lofty list of clients. Her collaborations have included successful partnerships with the likes of Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros. Sony PlayStation and Nissan. Mastering the logistics for full range development, manufacturing overseas, and shipping worldwide.

From Creative, to Concept, to Creation, to Container…

Handling multiple marketing campaigns, dozens of Blu-Ray pack in’s and Video Game collections, 100’s of different products a year and hundreds of thousands of units sold, there is no doubt that you have seen her work, more than once.

Collaborating and launching full scale POP displays for global marketing launches worldwide. She is a recipient of multiple industry nominations and awards including 2 Clios.

Her professional path has taken her from Warner Bros. / DC Comics, to Gentle Giant LTD. Now 3D Systems. Powell earned a Bachelor’s degree in science with an emphasis in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University and applies her education to her work, every day.

Throughout her career, Ashly has had the privilege of working with dozens of incredible colleagues and supremely talented individuals. Her hard work is rewarding and she is always on the front lines of the latest Theatrical Events, Marketing Campaigns and Flagship Game rollouts… Ashly feels like she is living the dream in her work and is proud to be included in the 2017 Clio Entertainment Jury.