Image of Nicolo Zini

Nicolo Zini
Business Development Manager, North America
FC Barcelona

NEW YORK, USA // Nicolo Zini is the North American Business Development Manager at FC Barcelona, based in New York City. In his role, Nicolo is tasked with identifying and developing new strategic partnerships with key relevant brands in the market.

With his deep knowledge of the global soccer landscape, Nicolo also plays a key role in developing the club’s numerous special projects, including FC Barcelona’s forthcoming U.S. Women’s Team, youth soccer academies and FCBEscolas, and creating compelling content and experiences for brand sponsors. He also leverages existing relationships with U.S. leagues and teams to share knowledge and collaborate across sports, territories and platforms.

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Nicolo started his early career as a semi-professional soccer player in his home country. He earned a B.A. in Sport Management from Warner University and Master of Science in Sport Business from NYU, with a concentration on Sports Law. He’s fluent in Italian, Spanish and English.