Image of Wayne Leeloy

Wayne Leeloy
Head of Strategy & Innovation
G7 Entertainment

NASHVILLE, USA // Wayne Leeloy spent the early part of his career as a self-motivated, high-performance sales and marketing executive focused on driving business development, marketing, advertising and promotional initiatives with a specific focus in the direct-to-consumer space and an eye toward emerging trends and innovation.

For the last 10 years, Leeloy has been laser-focused on forging a path to the intersection of brands, music and technology and has purposefully positioned himself in areas where he could be immersed in a learning and doing environment; surrounded by brilliant mentors and occasions for personal and professional growth. In his current role, he leads the charge on both client and internal strategies, and enjoys the privilege of keeping an ear close to the ground for emerging technologies and ways to bring his unique perspective in the entertainment marketing space to life.

The foundational elements of Leeloy’s best-self haven't changed and he remains committed to building and maintaining long-term, mutually-beneficial, consultative relationships that keep him engaged in strategic conversations, and considered a thought-leader and reliable strategic partner for his clients and beyond. He has kept one foot deeply grounded in the creative aspects of his work and continues to look for interesting, innovative, entrepreneurial opportunities to deliver a "Fan-First" perspective to those looking to navigate the music, sports, comedy and entertainment marketplace.