Image of Joon Kim

Joon Kim
Creative Director/Head of Design
Open Road Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, USA // Joon Kim, Creative Director with an acute ability to efficiently produce succinct and innovative solutions for motion graphic design, visual effects, interactive design, marketing and advertising, branding, concept development, business development & entrepreneurship, pitching, creative team management, strategy and more. Since graduating from California Institute of the Art in 2004, Joon has completed numerous projects for teasers, trailers and TV spots for feature films, digital advertising, social media, branding, and broadcast design. He is not only bilingual in English and Korean but able to use his multicultural experiences to create modular and culturally conscious design solutions that are successful and salient. He is proficient in design and production software as well as leading and managing any team of creative professionals.

Currently, Joon is Creative Director / Head of Motion Graphics and Marketing at Open Road and Part-time Faculty at Otis College of Art and Design.