Image of Suzanne  Kamenir

Suzanne Kamenir
VP of Global Creative Marketing
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, USA // Suzanne Kamenir is Vice President of Global Creative Marketing for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. She is responsible for handling worldwide creative advertising for all A/V including TV, In-theater, Online, Retail, EST/VOD, Blu-ray, DVD, DHD and new technologies such as VR, AR, and UHD / 4K. With 20 plus years in the world of branding and creative advertising, she has vast experience working in Home Entertainment, Motion Picture advertising, Broadcast Design, and TV Branding and Identity. Suzanne has successfully launched many ground-breaking and award-winning campaigns throughout her career. Prior to joining Twentieth Century Fox, she played an integral role in creating compelling interactive and linear content features for blu-ray and emerging digital platforms such as Mobile and ITV. She directed the creative and technology development of HD DVD and Blu-ray, leading the way in interactivity and connectivity as it was hitting the marketplace. In all, Suzanne utilizes her creative and strategic expertise and always enjoys taking on new challenges.