Image of Bex Schwartz

Bex Schwartz
Executive Creative Director / Director
Cause + Effect

NEW YORK, USA // Bex is an award-winning writer-director and Executive Creative Director at Cause + Effect, a creative studio driven by passion, fueled by ideas, and built on results. She is a social media maven and travels around the world sharing her insights on omnichannel entertainment marketing.

With a theater and stand-up comedy background, Bex is passionate about using performance and copywriting to make an impact. She started her television career as an on-air promo PA at VH1. In 2005, she was part of the team hand-picked to launch Logo TV. Bex also served as the in-house creative for MTV Games’ on air work, directing and creating all of the cross-Viacom content for multiple Rock Band campaigns. Before jumping to the vendor side, she was a creative director at Nickelodeon. Bex also logged years as on-air talent, appearing on a wide variety of entertainment and news shows as a pop culture commentator and talking head.

Bex writes and directs and oversees social media strategy and execution for a variety of clients across the media landscape like SYFY, VH1, First Look Media, MTV, Freeform, TruTV, Lifetime, AMC, and NBC. She writes about pop culture, marriage equality, and breaking cat news for publications such as Esquire and inStyle and various websites. When not watching TV, she is usually thinking about snorkeling or pandas.