Image of Mark Friedman*

Mark Friedman*
EVP, Chief Creative Officer
Harrison and Star

NEW YORK, USA // Ever since he was a young boy, Mark loved to draw. Surrounded by siblings who became lawyers, doctors and dentists, there was great concern over his future. Luckily Mark found his calling in pharmaceutical marketing where his imagination was set loose on the likes of Pfizer, Novartis, Genentech, Bayer and Merck. Mark is best known for launching Viagra into the bedrooms of millions, from Bob Dole to baseball, and NASCAR in between. At Harrison and Star, Mark is sharpening his focus on many specialty and oncology brands. Mark was a founding producer of Pharmapalooza, the agency battle-of-the bands that raises funds for the Children’s’ Hospital at Montefiore. To date, these efforts have raised close to one million dollars for the Child Life program.

When not shaping creative ideas, leading new business pitches, developing talent and eating cold pizza, Mark plays tennis, drinks wine and listens to Wilco.

*Executive Juror