Image of Nina Manasan Greenberg*

Nina Manasan Greenberg*
Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director
Entrée Health

NEW YORK, USA // Every job, and none of them, led Nina to this career. As a junior lab tech, she spent a summer inoculating petri dishes with human, er, effluents. Next up? A whole lot of school, and a decade as an English professor, guiding young minds though classes like Feminist Readings of Race and The Body and the (seriously scatological) Canterbury Tales.

It’s been a lifetime of cocktail party conversation killers.

Today, Nina only needs 3 things: a problem to solve, a story to tell, and talented people to help thrive. But she’s lucky; she gets to do it in the world of payer marketing. Because everyone deserves access to the healthcare they need. Killer.

*Executive Juror