Image of Jennifer  Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez
Vice President of Creative & Digital Marketing
Miami Heat

Miami, USA // Jennifer Alvarez is the Vice President of Creative & Digital Marketing of the Miami HEAT. This year, she begins her 16th season as a member of the organization. A true #HEATLifer, Alvarez joined the HEAT organization as an intern in marketing and has since built a career that includes game production, campaign development, social and digital strategy, creative direction, and content strategy.

As the Vice President of Creative & Digital Marketing, Alvarez leads the creative, content, and brand strategies for the Miami HEAT and AmericanAirlines Arena. In this role, she leads award winning, in-house creative, content, and digital teams. She created Court Culture, the first official, NBA licensed in-house apparel brand to serve the lifestyle retail audience. Notably, Alvarez recently led the strategy and launch of the Vice uniform and campaign, which was widely praised by fans and the media, and record-breaking in its financial success.

Alvarez launched her career upon obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Central Florida. She went on to earn her Master of Business Administration degree in Sports Management from Florida Atlantic University.