Image of Jeannette Perez

Jeannette Perez
President of Global Synch & Brand Partnerships
Kobalt Music/AWAL

LOS ANGELES, USA // As President of Global Synch & Brand Partnerships at Kobalt Music, Jeannette Perez oversees a team of over 50 international creative synch and brand experts with decades of experience based in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London, Berlin, Sweden, Sydney and Hong Kong, among other markets.

In 2018, under Perez, Kobalt’s team closed hundreds of national campaigns with brands including Verizon, Acura, Zillow, T-Mobile and Toyota, including 30 with Apple alone as well as 7 coveted Super Bowl spots (along with another 7 in 2019). Moreover, Kobalt’s team has consistently increased global synch revenue by double digits, a feat Perez has managed each year since joining Kobalt in 2014.