Image of Paul Schleicher

Paul Schleicher
Executive Producer
Axis Studios

LONDON, UK // Paul Schleicher is Executive Producer at Axis Studios where he oversees production of Animation and Visual Effects content across the entertainment landscape including film, television, games and commercials.

Axis Studios is one of the UK’s largest animation & VFX companies specialising in world building and character animation. With a 20 year history in Games cinematics and trailers, Axis Studios has expanded its focus to include long format television & feature length animation as we all as commercials.

In his role at Axis, Paul is instrumental in championing this expansion through bolstering the studios’ growth strategy, supporting an ever-expanding roster of clients and the pursuit of diverse creative opportunities.

Prior to Axis, Paul worked as a Producer and Head of Production at some of the UK’s leading advertising VFX studios including The Mill, Realise & Glassworks.

Over 15 years he has produced international campaigns for global brands, UK and US TV series, and major features. He possesses a wealth of experience in complex VFX and animation – knowledge which he shares with clients to ensure a fluid post production experience.

When Paul is not busy finding new ways to offer unparalleled value to clients, he enjoys a life in London with his wife, two kids and giant mortgage.