Image of Robert  Müller

Robert Müller
Executive Creative Director
Philipp und Keuntje

HAMBURG, GERMANY // Born and raised in Berlin, Germany Robert discovered his interest for disruption quite early in his life. As a six-year old he retold dirty jokes by the then famous German comedian Otto Waalkes to his aunts, uncles and grand parents – and even though he didn’t have a clue of what he was saying, he sensed that people laughed less about the joke itself, but all the more about the misfit of joke-teller (a six year old) and joke content. His interest grew and led to a now 20 years spanning career in advertising. Robert currently works as Executive Creative Director at Philipp und Keuntje (PUK), where he started as a copy writer in 2001. Stations before and inbetween include EURO RSCG and Jung von Matt/Alster. As a disruption enthusiast however PUK seemed to be the right place for Robert, because here he got the chance to help shape brands like the world’s only anti-premium ASTRA beer, Jägermeister, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank and Audi. Since 2009 Robert has been a member of the Art Directors Club Germany, where he is a regular judge. Over the years, he has won several awards. His latest international one being the “Sounds German“ radio campaign for Audi. In his spare time Robert loves to go running and swimming, listen to Jazz and HipHop, watch Stand-up and yell at his two kids for telling dirty jokes.