Image of Stephanie Lutjens

Stephanie Lutjens
VP, Global Brand Marketing
Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, USA // Stephanie Lutjens is Vice President of Global Brand Marketing at Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE). She oversees the digital and physical marketing campaigns for DreamWorks and Illumination titles, as well as TV physical releases and Promotional Partnerships.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Stephanie is always looking to maximize opportunities and create a collaborative environment where ideas can flourish. Stephanie has spent over 14 years at UPHE holding a variety of marketing roles and working on a variety of portfolios, both in a Domestic and International capacity.

She spent a year in London working on the International catalogue business while also learning to spell favor, favour and call vacations holidays. She got her start in entertainment by working in publicity at Bumble Ward & Associates handling film directors.

Stephanie is a graduate of UC Davis and has an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business.