Image of Kim Barke*

Kim Barke*
EVP, Creative Director
The Bloc

NEW YORK ,USA // Kim Barke is EVP, Creative Director at the Bloc. She’s a published scientist and a published poet. Kim also helped launch and build two successful agencies: Spectral Resources/HHI, the earliest and much-awarded digital pharmaceutical agency, and UNIFIED Oncology/WildType, which launched the blockbuster KEYTRUDA.

Kim believes that people need to go deep to generate fascinating creative. To support that creation, they need an environment that is safe-to-fail and not fail-safe. She delights in recruiting and mentoring people with diverse and unconventional backgrounds who have been traditionally under-represented on creative teams.

Kim earned her PhD in pharmacology and her MFA in creative writing. She lives in Brooklyn and isn’t afraid to ride her Vespa over the Manhattan Bridge.

*Executive juror