Image of Noodle


LONDON, UK // Noodle is Gorillaz' demon-slaying, axe-wielding lead guitarist. She joined the world’s most famous virtual band aged just ten, smashing out of a FedEx crate after an epically uncomfortable journey from her native Japan. From such humble beginnings Noodle’s legend grew. She played a pivotal part in creating Gorillaz’ smash-hit album Demon Days by single-handedly ridding the studio of a zombie infestation.

Over the years, her unique style and fearless spirit has established her as an avant-garde fashion icon and role model, standing up for kick-ass women everywhere. In 2018 Noodle became the first female ambassador for Jaguar’s Formula E (electronic) Racing. She has also established herself as a tastemaker with her influential monthly G-Mix playlist.

She has a cat named Katsu, her favorite food is okayu – a kind of chicken soup – and her hobbies include lukewarm yoga, quantum physics, shoe design and online gaming (handle: EatMyRocketLauncher).