Image of Frank Mazzola*

Frank Mazzola*
Co-Global Chief Creative Officer
21 Grams

NEW YORK, USA // Frank Mazzola is one of the founding partners and Co-Global Chief Creative Officer of 21GRAMS. At its launch in 2018, he said, “The world didn’t need another healthcare agency. It needed a new one.” One focused on making advertising feel like less of an interruption, and more worth people’s time and attention, because it actually gets them.

Shortly after, 21GRAMS became one of the fastest growing agencies in the world – going from a small, creative New York shop to four distinct offices, including London. Not too bad for less than three years. Today, Frank leads all of 21GRAMS creative in a global copy/art partnership with Tom Richards, the current president of the Cannes Lions Health and Wellness jury. The goal? To make medicine more inspiring than sneakers.

Frank won’t bore you with a list of where he’s worked, what he worked on, and what his accomplishments are. Because even though that’s the definition of a bio, you’ll probably look him up on LinkedIn if you really care. The summary: he’s led stuff, won stuff, and built stuff. His mom isn’t all that interested, so it’s safe to assume that neither are you.

As for what’s relevant here, Frank has served on several international juries, believes awards only matter if the work truly moves the industry forward, and despite the sound of his name, doesn’t own a single track suit.