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Jacky Shu
Rogue Planet

LOS ANGELES, USA // Jacky Shu is a co-owner and producer for the marketing creative agency Rogue Planet. Both her and the company have once been described as “the punk kid living in their mother’s basement, who’s not for everyone.” Since she has a lot of difficulty talking about herself, she has enlisted some of her friends in the industry to do it for her. She has since discovered that her “friends” do not know very much about her, nevertheless, this is what they came up with:

Jacky was born “Shu Bing-roo,” which is fitting because it is traditionally a strong male name, and she likes that just fine. She lived the bad life as a teen, stealing parking cones in her JNCO pants and smoking cigarettes out her car window while listening to Dashboard. One morning in her early 20s she walked into a bar and an older Asian patron took one look at her largely tattooed and pierced body and loudly stated “Wow, your parents must be so disappointed,” and he was right, so she left Jersey and headed to Los Angeles to pursue her real dreams, living, working with, and having children with Ben Snyder.
-Helen Ahn [The sister I never wanted, but now have]

Running Rogue Planet with her husband, Benjamin Shu, is nothing but the most pleasant of experiences for Jacky. She has NEVER been heard lamenting on how working with your spouse so that you see their face 24/7 is the worst. Jacky is the epitome of professional and has definitely never painted cute genitalia cartoons in her office to relieve stress. Never.
-Mel Guel [The Red to my Shawshank]

When she’s not on the clock, you could take one look at Jacky Shu and immediately understand what her hobbies are: Roller derby + tend to husband + make child #1. Make child #2. Make child #3. You get the idea. But when she’s neither skating herself through life or repopulating the globe, she happens to keep some hidden personality gems only a few people in her inner circle and all of Instagram know about. She is an intriguing look into the world of activism, 80s movie-watching, Jeep-loving hysteria, Halloween decadence, Covid-restricted traveling and Dim Sum.
-Patricio Hotor [2016 Best Hair]

Jacky is best known in the industry for her empathy and understanding, she would never dream of rolling her eyes DIRECTLY in someone’s face. She’s always been a pillar of class, on and off the clock. She’s championed for diversity in the industry with the ferocity of a thousand tiger moms, started Soapbox’s WOC, a social support group for badass women of color and has won more Clio’s than Meryl Streep has Oscars. That’s Jacky Shu. Never change.
-Gen Ip & Brian Freia [Maple syrup lovers]