Image of Tim  Wasicki

Tim Wasicki
Creative Director - Eastern Region

NEW YORK, USA // Tim Wasicki has served as OUTFRONT’s NYC Regional Creative Director since 2016 and now consumes the role of Creative Director for the Northeast, conceptualizing and working on campaigns for OUTFRONT Studios, the company’s creative studio. He has made contributions in the success of major campaigns for several established brands including Swarovski, Coca Cola, Vans, and Mattel. Wasicki was first introduced to the advertising world when he worked at Madison Square Garden Company on the brand transformation and event space team. Additionally, he worked at CBS Sports Network working in the marketing sector for on-air set design on its televised programming. He later landed at OUTFRONT Media in 2014 where he now currently leads a team of designers across the Northeast building relationships and conceptualizing campaigns for a robust group of clients in the OOH sector. In his free time, Tim enjoys video editing and also considers himself a music enthusiast. Tim currently resides in his hometown of Jersey City with his wife and 7-year old daughter.