Image of Omid  Amidi

Omid Amidi
Executive Creative Director

NEW YORK, USA // Omid Amidi is an internationally awarded, strategy-led Creative Director & Storyteller currently leading adidas and more at Johannes Leonardo in NYC.

Omid began his creative career by winning the YoungGuns International Creative Brief while working as an assistant at a Mutual Funds company in Toronto. He then landed his very first full-time job at droga5, Sydney where his very first campaign won him his very first Cannes Lions.

Since then, he’s created some of the most memorable and impactful campaigns of the last few years, with ‘Share a Coke’ making several best of the decade lists. Over the course of that decade, he has won 70+ major international awards, including Gold Cannes Lions, D&AD Pencils, and at film festivals.

Allen Iverson once told him to get out of his head for writing a monologue that hit too close to home, which really hit for someone who says "Ball is Life" far too often for his own good.