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Charlie Davis
VP, Creative Synch, Advertising

NEW YORK, USA // Charlie Davis is a musician, DJ, music supervisor, one-time game show contestant and dad. A native of Long Beach California (The LBC), Charlie has worked in the NYC music industry since 2006 with Downtown Music Publishing, EMI, Warner/Chappell, Spirit Music and BMG. Charlie has a degree in History from UC Berkeley and a degree in Music Business from NYU, and once played in a new wave wedding cover band called The Combovers. In recent years, Charlie has worked on campaigns with Apple, Nike, Google, Amazon, Youtube, Samsung, Cadillac, Royal, Royal Caribbean, Facebook, Toyota, T-Mobile, Ford, Gatorade, Applebee’s, General Mills, Microsoft, Target, Bud Light, Honda and Acura and many others. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.