Image of Charles  Dixon IV

Charles Dixon IV
VP, Creative Director
FCB Chicago

NEW YORK, USA // Charlie recently joined FCB Chicago as VP, Creative Director in the Health and Wellness group. With a background focused primarily on rare disease, his biggest and brightest learning experiences have come from true connections with patients and caregivers… rolling around on the living room floor, laughing with two children living with a rare and previously untreatable condition…interviewing parents whose doctors had once told them their kid wouldn’t live to see their fifth birthday.

He sees his work not as marketing but as education. Not selling but celebrating the moments and milestones made possible by amazing advancements in science and healthcare. Whether it’s a banner ad or a big splashy multi-channel campaign, above all he approaches every creative opportunity with an unwavering commitment to authenticity and voice. As a result, it stopped feeling like “work” a long time ago.