Image of Margaux Revol

Margaux Revol
Strategy Partner

LONDON, UK // She is a thinker that likes to push boundaries and buttons to enable deep change. Her world-famous, boundary-breaking campaigns for Bodyform/Libresse have overturned shame and stigma around women’s periods, vulvas, and intimate experiences.

#Bloodnormal, #Viva la Vulva, #Wombstories and #Painstories have won over 250 creative, strategic and effective awards, among which many Grand Prix, including the Cannes Glass Lion Grand Prix, the Titanium Grand Prix, two Glass lions golds, two Titanium golds, the Cannes Health Grand Prix, the Marketing Society Grand Prix, the WARC Grand Prix, the APG Grand Prix, Eurobest Effectiveness Grand Prix, 3 D&AD black Pencils and One Show Best in Show.

Over the last five years her disruptive thinking has helped build Bodyform/Libresse into the fastest growing FemCare brand in the world, the second most awarded brand in the world, and the jewel in the crown of Essity – despite being a challenger brand. And recently, her work on Essity Plenty has given it its first ever Cannes Lion.

Margaux’s work across brands and causes is behind AMV BBDO’s 2021 record-breaking awards run – Global agency of the year at Cannes, D&AD and The One Show and agency of the year at Campaign Big.

When she’s not dealing with vaginas, she’s tackling other important issues – disability inclusion and protecting women from abuse.

With award-winning Divers-ish campaign started at Davos to commit the biggest global companies to including disability on their board agenda, she’s helped Caroline Casey (Founder of Valuable500) achieve her goal of Valuable500.

And with the Naked Threat, she helped Refuge’s lobbying campaign change the English law to better protect women from abusers.

As Bridget Angear (former Chief Strategy Officer of AMV BBDO and founder of Craig+Bridget) says, “Margaux doesn’t just make brands better, she makes our industry better”.