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Jacqueline Sutton
Associate Creative Director, Copy

RICHMOND, USA // Jacqui Sutton began her creative copy and music careers simultaneously in her early 20s. As a copy creative, her first foray into all things medical was as an ER transcriptionist in the San Francisco Bay Area, creating order out of chaotic doctors’ hospital notes across a wide range of emergency issues: chest x-rays, MRI results, and the like. She eventually got her degree in creative writing from City College New York. Over the years she has been a medical editor and writer for medical communications companies; a senior medical writer for WebMD/Medscape; and made the shift to agency world as a copy supervisor at Evoke Giant. She is now an ACD Copy at FCBCURE.

Rewind: In parallel, while she transcribed ER dictation, Jacqui began her music performance career as a member of the vocal jazz group Jazzmouth. She switched gears and spent her late 20s through 40s as a stage actor, performing everything from Shakespeare to dance and musical theater, with occasional commercial gigs and even a role as a Yellow Spurtlegurgle in Wee Sing in Sillyville. In 2010, she refocused her efforts on music, and created her own genre blending jazz and bluegrass: Frontier Jazz (where jazz meets the American frontier). She formed the Houston-based Frontier Jazz Orchestra, and recorded 2 CDs of cover songs: Billie & Dolly (2010), and Notes From the Frontier: A Musical Journey (2012). In 2017 she received a $10,000 grant from the Houston Arts Alliance to create original Frontier Jazz compositions. In 2018 she debuted Un-Cross Talk, a multi-media presentation of original Frontier Jazz songs, on-stage art installations, photographic projections, and audio interviews—all designed to promote dialogue across culture through music.

This confluence of creative writing background, music career, and decades in medical communications, make for a unique mix of sensibilities that come to bear on Jacqui’s copy creative career.