Image of Rob Canales

Rob Canales
Chief Creative Officer
The 3rd Eye

I am a critical thinker who is motivated by inspiring my teams and clients through my process for creative development, to deliver unique user experiences and produce authentic campaigns for clients.

I’m the Chief Creative Officer of THE 3RD EYE (formerly VS/BROOKS), the same agency where I started as an intern. My story of starting out as a physical therapy major at the University of Central Florida and becoming the head creative of a $40 million+, Miami-based agency represents the best of what our industry has to offer—that creativity is a siren’s song.

In college, I was always the person that had answers to questions like: Who are we talking to? What does it look like? How are people going to engage with it? What do we put on the t-shirt? It was clear that I had to switch to advertising.

My role in helping THE 3RD EYE grow from a 15 person agency to a 60 person agency is one of the reasons agency founder Diana Brooks promoted me to her leadership team. THE 3RD EYE saw a 30% growth in agency revenue YTD due that resulted directly from my effort to proactively bring new creative concepts to clients. Additionally, client brand awareness grew YOY, insurance plan enrollment increased 160% over sales goal during the annual enrollment period and brand awareness for medical center clients increased by 12%. All of this happened while leading and inspiring a remote creative team during a pandemic.

I am a 30 year old CCO looking to redefine health and wellness advertising. I approach my work from the perspective that living longer is all about the quality of life that people can live. I care a lot about wellbeing, fitness and mental health and my work is also my personal ambition to share that with others, regardless of their age.