Image of Michael Fisk

Michael Fisk
EVP - Film Marketing
MGM Studios

LOS ANGELES, USA// Michael is EVP of Film Marketing for MGM Studios and an AMPAS member.

Prior to MGM, Michael has had the privilege of working on over 500 film campaigns globally for many of the other Hollywood studios including NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Open Road and Warner Bros.

In addition to his work at MGM, Michael’s fuels his passion of making our creative industry stronger by helping content creators with their projects. He Co-Founded “Business of Creating” which is an ongoing, live, interactive free panel series and Q&A with seasoned Entertainment executives. The panel gives invaluable insight on every aspect of the film process to those that would otherwise not have access to. Right now he’s exploring how NFTs, blockchain and DAOs can help finance, produce, and distribute projects.

Originally from Connecticut, he lives in West Hollywood (after shedding his LLBean winter clothes) with his husband and very vocal (sometimes too vocal) indoor feline, Molly. In his free time, he puts together annual esoteric tours around LA for friends hoping always to find new and interesting experiences to share.