Image of Chad  Rothman

Chad Rothman
Head of Content

LOS ANGELES, USA // A Clio Award winning producer with over fifteen years of experience crafting compelling marketing campaigns for countless titles through story driven content. Chad began his marketing career at MGM and rose through the ranks at Paramount and Searchlight Pictures working on titles such as Juno, Slumdog Millionaire, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Now on the creative agency side, he’s been collaborating with partners to create meaningful, fun, and inspiring content and campaigns for projects such as Moonlight, The Morning Show, and most recently Fire Island. He has had the honor of directing and/or interviewing some of this industry’s finest creators and actors. When he’s working, his two dogs Jackson and Odin love to interrupt his Zooms any chance they get. Outside of work, he loves honing his cooking skills and traveling the world with family and friends in search of the best bites.