Image of Marlee Bruning

Marlee Bruning
Creative Director
Design Bridge

NEW YORK, USA // Marlee is a Creative Director at Design Bridge North America, where she leads a team of creatives through comprehensive brand world development. With a background in advertising, her approach unifies the strategic, the visual, and the verbal to make brands that really connect with consumers, from packaging to communication and beyond. She is particularly passionate about luxury drinks and lifestyle brands.

Her work has taken her from San Francisco to New York via Oaxaca, building a diverse portfolio that includes Beam Suntory, JDE, Walgreens, and Toyota.

Her current focus is on premium packaging experiences, primarily in the luxury drinks space. Bringing high levels of craft and consideration to every moment of the consumer journey, continually pushing for more sustainable outcomes.

In her spare time, Marlee enjoys painting and weaving. She is a keen student of restaurant design and has a passion for artisan spirits.