Image of Joan Wildermuth

Joan Wildermuth
SVP, Group Creative Director
Mccann Health New York

NEW YORK, USA // My dreams of changing the world as a fearless journalist dissolved with my first itty bitty paycheck. Onto advertising.

After spending my early years promoting potato chips, chain restaurants, mass-produced beer, instant soup, and processed meat, it’s been all healthcare, perhaps in an effort to undo some of my earlier efforts.

As a creative leader I believe in:

  • Lighting a fire under energetic, oddball creative thinkers and getting out of the way
  • Treating people and businesses with great care and generosity
  • Humor and humility, no matter what
  • Remaining calm (or putting on a good show)

And, at the risk of sounding cheeseball, I believe that with diligence and imagination, we are on the road to making healthcare trustworthy, likeable, even lovable.