Image of Jacob Weinreich

Jacob Weinreich
Chief Marketing Officer
TV2 Denmark

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK // Jacob Weinreich joined TV 2 Denmark as Chief Marketing Officer in May 2015. TV 2 Denmark is one of two state-owned broadcasters/streaming services in Denmark.

Weinreich oversees the company’s marketing, branding, creative advertising, digital media, marketing productions, media planning, on-air promotions, design and communications divisions across all platforms. Prior to joining TV 2 Weinreich worked with strategy and marketing within the gaming and airline sectors for 15 years.

Since Weinreich arrived at TV 2 Denmark both industry and internal development have been significant. The area Weinreich oversees has been through a huge transformation process and the success of raising the creative bar alongside operating with a massive focus on insights and performance have brought the company into a leading position within the European landscape.

Alongside the streaming service TV 2 Play, TV 2 Denmark operates a variety of linear channels within news, sports, lifestyle, entertainment and comedy. All marketing activities within the brand family is caretaken by Weinreichs team and consists of both product, program, event and branding activities. Some of the well-known campaigns within the brand path have been built on the tagline “All that we share” which was introduced back in 2017.

The work carried out by Weinreich’s team has won several global awards over the years. From Clios, D&AD pencils to Lions in Cannes. Within the streaming and broadcast sector TV 2 Denmark has won awards for best marketing team in Europe five years in a row as well as one global honor in same category.

Weinreich holds an MBA in Business Administration from CBS (Copenhagen Business School). He lived in London for a number of years but today he resides in Copenhagen.