Image of Megan Farrell

Megan Farrell
Co-Owner / Creative Director
Level Up AV

BURBANK, USA // BURBANK, CA // Megan got her foot in the door back in 2007 working on the Twilight Saga. In those days, you’d watch a trailer for the first time, and then have to piece together clues from articles online like some amateur true-crime detective to figure out who cut it and what that song was in the backend. Simpler times.

In 2018, Megan opened Level Up AV with co-owner, Ken Andrade. In less than 5 years, Level Up has produced campaigns for WandaVision, The Addams Family, Emily in Paris, Hustlers, BoJack Horseman, Do Revenge, Marry Me, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Outer Banks, Never Have I Ever, Evil Dead Rise, The Little Mermaid, and The Last of Us.

Megan lives in Santa Monica but still dreams of returning to Vermont to open a small craft brewery that also cuts trailers. One day…