Image of Justin Slobig

Justin Slobig
Creative Director/SVP Creative Advertising
Inside Job/Universal Pictures

UNIVERSAL CITY, USA // 23 years ago, Justin became a first-time father and later that same morning was hired by New Line Cinema. He immediately fell in love with both new worlds and is eternally grateful that he began two incredible adventures on that one magical day that changed his life forever.

Justin is an award-winning creative, mentor, innovator, motivator, strategist, and member of the Academy. His work has been recognized for such films as Oppenheimer, US, Get Out, the Jurassic World Trilogy, M3GAN, Cocaine Bear, Candyman, 1917, American Sniper, Girls Trip, Unbroken, Lone Survivor, The Great Gatsby, Man of Steel, Lincoln, Barbershop, Secret Life of Pets, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Snow White and the Huntsman and many more.

After spending more than a decade helping to shape culture-defining campaigns as a creative executive and writer/producer on studio and vendor sides, Justin was recruited by Universal to transform, nurture and lead a uniquely special creative collective. As Founder and Creative Director of Inside Job, he is immensely proud of its groundbreaking success across all genres and is honored to share his life with some of the most talented professionals and best human beings in the industry.

Justin is a global traveler, culinary adventurer, and hammock enthusiast. He adores being a dad and husband to four fierce and fabulous women, and never forgets how lucky he is to do what he loves every day.