Image of Miguel Branco

Miguel Branco
Senior Editor
Rogue Planet

HOLLYWOOD, USA // Miguel Branco is an award-winning Senior Editor at Rogue Planet.

Born and raised in the Great White North, he got his first taste of editing at the tender age of eleven on a hand-me-down computer with Windows Movie Maker. As the years went on, he learned how to edit fan-made trailers and sizzles which got the attention of various Hollywood filmmakers and media outlets.

Miguel moved to Los Angeles upon graduating film school to work with Rogue Planet. Always grateful for the opportunity they gave him, he learned from some of the best creative minds in the business and has since built a notorious body of work across groundbreaking campaigns such as Emancipation, Cherry, and The Gray Man.

When he’s not splicing and dicing, Miguel can be found playing soccer, spending time with his wife and cats, and skipping leg day.