Image of Sulmaan Ahmad

Sulmaan Ahmad
International Strategy Partner

LONDON, UK // Sul is a strategy consultant and leader with a career primarily grounded in sports marketing and media, and a track record of scaling market-leading start-ups and driving innovation within larger networks, whether on staff or as a consultant, and occasionally as a client. Agency work has spanned rightsholders (FIFA, NBA, NFL), brands (BMW, Barclays, Just Eat, Mastercard), broadcasters (DIRECTV), charities (Cancer Research UK and many other smaller organisations) and the UK Government – on national and global strategy projects primarily encompassing sports marketing & promotion, sponsorship & activation, campaign & experience planning, influencers, social & content, with some brand and some loyalty thrown in for good measure. Strategy is strategy – advocate of strong fundamentals: more ingenuity, more clarity, more effectiveness and less noise, less smoke, less mirrors.