Image of Keith Haluska

Keith Haluska
SVP, Operations

NEW YORK, USA // Keith started his career in advertising on the agency side and moved to the music for brands space in 1996 as the Head of Production at Elias Arts New York.

During that time he worked on Sprite, Nike, VW, E-Trade and produced the music for this TV spot that continues makes Top 10 lists in various categories (Super Bowl spots, All Time Favorites, etc):

In 2005, Keith left Elias Arts to open up MassiveMusic New York, MM’s first office outside of Amsterdam (now in 10 cities worldwide). He has been the Partner, Managing Director, Executive Producer, Account Director and at times, Creative Director for the past 18 years. During the time at MassiveMusic, he has also contributed to the culture by prompting The Gltch Mob to re-mix a Vivaldi concerto for FIAT, placing a remix of Frankie Valli’s “Beggin’” into Adidas’s “House Party” and finding a place for Cat Stevens’s “Miles From Nowhere” in North Face’s “Question Madness”.