Image of Mette Jermiin

Mette Jermiin
Managing Partner & Executive Producer

FREDERIKSBERG, DENMARK // For over a decade, Mette Jermiin has been a leading figure at the world-renowned, Scandinavian-based production powerhouse, Bacon.

Mette entered the world of advertising at an early age, and has since become an undeniable heavyweight in all corners of the commercial film industry, even widening the company’s scope to include the broader world of film production with other formats and lengths. Today, she is the CEO and Executive Producer of Bacon.

With an unwavering dedication to storytelling, maintaining international production quality, and discovering and nurturing talent, from the greenest up-and-comers to seasoned, household names, she and her team have positioned Bacon and its roster of directors as one of the most versatile and highly sought-after in the world of production.

Mette's determination, tenacity and relentless passion have been key factors in developing an organization always striving to set the bar creatively and forge ahead in the field of production, while winning countless prestigious awards on the biggest stages along the way.