Image of Julia Fischhaber

Julia Fischhaber
Creative Director
Havas Switzerland

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND // Julia Fischhaber is a Creative Director co-leading the creative department of Havas Switzerland in Zurich. As a copywriter with a background in journalism, PR she is specialized in current industry trends and developments and knows how to implement them quickly and effectively for her clients. After her studies in communications and journalism and working as a journalist in print and TV, she switched to advertising in 2014, joining Jung von Matt/Limmat, where she developed her strategic and consulting skills alongside her conceptual abilities. In 2020 she moved to the up-and-coming digital agency Sir Mary, where as Content Director she was responsible for the development and expansion of the branded content unit. After numerous projects for renowned national and international clients like Microsoft, Samsung, Allianz, Henkel, UBS or Campari, she lastly provided strategic and conceptual freelance support to national and international companies as well as leading Swiss agencies. Her ambition: Communicating brand messages in a way that makes people want to look and listen.