Image of Constantin Dudzik

Constantin Dudzik
Chief Strategy Officer, Managing Director & Partner
Scholz & Friends

BERLIN, GERMANY // Constantin Dudzik is is a highly accomplished and respected leader in the industry, boasting a distinguished career spanning over more than 25 years. As the Chief Strategy Officer and Partner at the Scholz & Friends Group, Constantin has been pivotal in the agency’s growth. He co-founded and leads the largest strategy group in the German-speaking realm and earned the trust of premier bluechip brands.

He is a true expert in change management, having steered significant projects such as the largest European IPO in recent years, the strategic rebranding of major German automotive giants like Opel, and the digital evolution of industry titans Vodafone and Mercedes-Benz.

Believing firmly in the power of creativity to propel business innovation and societal transformation, Constantin’s strategic guidance and compassionate leadership have been central to Scholz & Friends’ success. With the agency earning recognition as ‘Best German Agency’ by The Drum World Creative Rankings 2021 and WARC Creative 100. In 2020, D&AD, New York Festivals and The One Show also honored Scholz & Friends as the ‘Best German Agency’.

Constantin, a global citizen and optimist at heart, has taken the vibrant spirit of cities like Los Angeles and London with him to Berlin, infusing it with a touch of Californian sunshine. In a whimsical defiance of Berlin’s monochrome weather, he still pilots his vintage convertible—a nostalgic relic from his student days—doubling as a very hungry mobile piggy bank.

His academic journey is marked by a collection of three master’s degrees, reflecting his curiosity and quest for knowledge. Among his academic laurels are an M.A. in Global Communication from the Annenberg School for Communication at USC, an M.Sc. in Global Media and Communications from the London School of Economics, and a Master’s degree in Media Management from the University of Music and Theatre, Hannover.