Image of Skipz Hon

Skipz Hon
Creative Head, VFX supervisor, Film Director

SELANGOR, MALAYSIA // Skipz graduated as a Communication Designer. He started his early career in a web company in Singapore, but he quickly found himself extending his interest into the motion graphic design.

In 2002 after he left his Art Director position in Singapore and start fresh back in his home ground, KL.

Being one of the creative who able to conceptualise, design, animate, composite, supervise and direct a film, Skipz has managed to execute many interesting projects in the region in different roll throughout his career.

Over the last 15 years, he’s been working with most of the global brands like Nike, Coke, Sony, Petronas, Mitsubishi, Dunhill, Sprite, Visa, Toyota, Panasonic, Samsung, Loreal, MAS and Honda.

As a VFX supervisor in one of the busiest regions, his role is to provide alternative solution to the deadline that does not compromise quality which has become the daily challenge.

Skipz’s unique career path in the post production house gives him the insight in providing solution, design thinking of different visual and creative requirements in many different angles and perspective. 

The "what if" mentality and passion towards every job, help him and his Clients went through many impossible journeys.

He is currently a VFX Supervisor, Design and Animation Director and Creative Head of VHQ KL, Malaysia.