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Entrant Company
CP+B Brasil
Games: Digital/Mobile
Entry Type
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Entrant CompanyCP+B Brasil, São Paulo
Production Company (additional)The Youth, Curitiba
Music/Sound CompanyToro Audio, Curitiba
Post Production CompanyCOLOSSAL
Chief Creative OfficerMarcos Medeiros / CP+B Brasil
Chief Creative OfficerAndré Kassu / CP+B Brasil
Executive Creative DirectorLuciana Cardoso / CP+B Brasil
Creative DirectorMihail Aleksandrov / CP+B Brasil
Creative DirectorLuiz Paccillo / CP+B Brasil
CreativeRafael Guth / CP+B Brasil
CreativeLucas Borba / CP+B Brasil
CreativeRafael Costa / CP+B Brasil
CreativeVictor Souza / CP+B Brasil
Agency ProducerAna Paula Casagrande / CP+B Brasil
Agency ProducerMoema Porro / CP+B Brasil
Agency ProducerRoberta Acerbi / CP+B Brasil
Data & StrategyRafael Silva / CP+B Brasil
Data & StrategyFelipe Miari / CP+B Brasil
ContentJosé Diniz / CP+B Brasil
ContentMarcela Calura / CP+B Brasil
ContentGustavo Pires / CP+B Brasil
ContentKarolina Cardoso / CP+B Brasil
AccountWilson Negrini / CP+B Brasil
AccountThiago Barboza / CP+B Brasil
ProjectNathalia Beividas / CP+B Brasil
ProjectMirele Bergel / CP+B Brasil
ApprovalRafael Tello / Blizzard Entertainment
ApprovalClaudia Camp / Blizzard Entertainment
ApprovalSheila Valente / Blizzard Entertainment
DirectorKARMA / The Youth
First Assistant of DirectionMilton Oliveira / The Youth
Creative AssistantBianca Leal / The Youth
Director of Photography:Yuri Maranhão / The Youth
Photography AssistantDuran Sodré / The Youth
Photography AssistantGiordano Maestrelli / The Youth
Photography AssistantDiego Cagnato / The Youth
Executive Production and AccountCarol Cherobim / The Youth
Production CoordinatorDebora Lemes (Dérbiz) / The Youth
AccountCamila Pires / The Youth
Production DirectorAdriana Lira / The Youth
Financial TeamIza Lubiazi / The Youth
ProducerUlisses Sant’Anna / The Youth
Production AssistantRoni Matias / The Youth
Camera First AssistantRodrigo Brisa / The Youth
Object ProductionAdriana Samways / The Youth
StagehandRodrigo Bernardi / The Youth
Stagehand AssistantFernanda Câmara de Carvalho / The Youth
Rental ProducerCarlos Eduardo Castello Branco / The Youth
Rental ProducerDaniane Almeida / The Youth
Rental Producer AssistantEnzo Gustavo Simões / The Youth
Costume DesignLuciana Carvalho / The Youth
Costume Design (Cosplay)Debora Fuzeti / The Youth
CastingAdriana Lira, Ale Lima, Ann Schwaner, Bianca Leal, Bruno Batuta, Debora Fuzeti, Estanislau Ogrodovski Neto, Eudig Fernandes / The Youth
CastingFrancinne Weffort, Gustavo Neves, Gustavo Nick, Henrique Bueno, Henrique Thoms, Léo Salomão, Léo Silva, Letícia Kaory / The Youth
CastingMardem Cruz de Carvalho, Rodrigo Bernardi, Rosangela Bretschneider, TRI e Sergio Twardowski pai / The Youth
Machinery ChiefFlávio Romão / The Youth
First Assistant of MachineryKauê Kruger / The Youth
Chief of ElectricalRicardo Pirolla / The Youth
First Assistant of ElectricalLeonardo Cichon / The Youth
General AssistantMarcelo Araújo / The Youth
General AssistantMichel Kuchnier / The Youth
Post-production supervisorDiogo Gameiro / COLOSSAL
EditorSergio Twardowski / COLOSSAL
CompositionKarlos Schirmer / COLOSSAL
Composition:Michel Takahashi / COLOSSAL
3DVinicius Lavor / COLOSSAL
3DEnzo Kinukawa / COLOSSAL
ColoristErick Moraes / COLOSSAL
set/Catering maintenanceLaiz Roche / COLOSSAL
set/Catering maintenanceKelly Lino / COLOSSAL
CameraRed Mamute / COLOSSAL
Drone OperationFelipe Sant'ana da Silva / COLOSSAL
Drone OperationEverton Isidro / COLOSSAL
equipmentsLocall e Backbros / Locall e Backbros
General AssistantMarcelo Eduardo de Lima de Araujo / COLOSSAL
General AssistantMichel Kuchnier / COLOSSAL
TransportationOliveira Car / Oliveira Car
Creative DirectionKelson Diego / Toro Audio
Project Managing and Account Mariana Kauchakje / Toro Audio
ProductionTiago Mendes / Toro Audio
ProductionLeonardo Montenegro / Toro Audio
ProductionKelson Diego / Toro Audio
Sound Effects, Mix and MasterTiago Mendes / Toro Audio

This 2022 Clio Entertainment Gold winning entry titled 'DIABLO SUMMONER' was entered for Blizzard Entertainment by CP+B Brasil, São Paulo. The piece was submitted to the medium: Games: Digital/Mobile within the entry type: Games and the category: Apps. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.