Space Jam: A New Legacy

Xbox & Space Jam: A New Legacy PR/Influencer Program

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Games: Public Relations
Press/Influencer Kits & Collateral
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Entrant CompanyXbox, Redmond, WA
Film StudioWarner Brothers, Los Angeles
Apparel and FootwearNike, Portland
Design CompanyStudio Mega, Portland
Public Relations AgencyAssembly, Seattle
Advertising Agency (Additional)Ayzenberg, Los Angeles
Advertising AgencySuper Digital, Boston
Advertising AgencyCMD, Portland
MarketingKumar Manix / Xbox
DesignerElliot Hsu / Xbox
MarketingMindy Rowe / Xbox
MarketingTaylor Smith / Xbox
MarketingBrady Bonser / Xbox
MarketingHilary Smith / Xbox
MarketingMarcos Walternberg / Xbox
DesignerCarl Leadbetter / Xbox
Vice PresidentLouise Soper / Warner Bros. Pictures
Vice PresidentMara Maxfield / Warner Bros. Pictures
Vice PresidentPamela Jannone / Warner Bros. Pictures
Vice PresidentSarah Gregory / Warner Bros. Pictures
DirectorSachin Kamboj / Warner Bros. Pictures
DirectorAshley Woodall / Warner Bros. Consumer Products
DirectorSunny Hong / Warner Bros. Consumer Products
DirectorJeffrey Lang / Warner Bros. Consumer Products
Project ManagerClayton Graham / Warner Bros. Pictures
Project ManagerKendra Cowans / Warner Bros. Consumer Products
Vice PresidentBen Elliott / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
ProducerDaniel Frankenberger / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
MarketingAbhi Shah / Xbox
MarketingAdam Harris / Xbox
MarketingBarb Schwabe / Xbox
MarketingBeth Hall / Xbox
MarketingBrian Weiss / Xbox
MarketingCarey Spence / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingJenny Miller / Xbox
MarketingRyan Hamann / Xbox
MarketingTamer El-Sharkawi / Xbox
MarketingPaul Murphy / Xbox
DirectorJosh Beyer / Studio Mega
Creative DirectorDavid Jacobson / Studio Mega
Project ManagerOilang Maui / Studio Mega
Chief Executive OfficerJodi McLellan / Other Ocean, Group
DesignerStephen Frost / Other Ocean, Group
MarketingHailey Shinn / Nike
MarketingJake Van Daam / Nike
MarketingMegan Auguste / Nike
MarketingTimi Oshinowo / Nike
MarketingWhitney Eddy / Nike
MarketingSusan Zazueta / Moose Toys
MarketingKerry Draeger / GMR Marketing
MarketingStacy Mallak / GMR Marketing
DirectorKenard Puchalski / Colorware
DirectorDerek Roth / CMD Agency
DirectorStephen Stewart / CMD Agency
MarketingJarret Battisti / Ayzenberg
MarketingJude Ambrosio / Ayzenberg
MarketingJustin Anderson / Ayzenberg
MarketingCourtney L'Ecuyer / Assemby Media Inc.
MarketingDana Prainito / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingHailey Buser / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingNatalie Edwards / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingNick Nelson / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingRalph Jodice / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingRé Kleinbard / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingSarah Smith / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingWesley Gore / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingKarl John / Xbox
MarketingMargaret Price / Xbox
MarketingSarah Guthals / Xbox
MarketingDaniel Bonaccorso / Xbox
MarketingHannah McConnaughey / Xbox
MarketingGlenn Gregory / Xbox
MarketingChristine Reisenbauer / Xbox
MarketingJen Buckmaster / Xbox
MarketingJessica Wicklund / Xbox
MarketingKarina Reck / Xbox
MarketingKate Fisher / Xbox
MarketingNatalie Pyron / Xbox
MarketingOllie Rentola / Xbox
MarketingRyan Klinger / Xbox
MarketingNoah Holowatch / Xbox
MarketingDarrell Booker / Xbox
MarketingDaniel Ruiz / Xbox
MarketingElias Rainey / Xbox
MarketingJessica Chon / Xbox
MarketingMaya Koziol / Xbox
MarketingNavin Kumar / Xbox
MarketingDarren Flory / Xbox
MarketingDaryl Costello / Xbox
MarketingGordon Donald / Xbox
MarketingJack White / Xbox
MarketingSophie Orlando / Xbox
MarketingDave Hufford / Xbox
MarketingMary Kay Anderson / Xbox
MarketingPriscilla Gomes / Xbox
MarketingTuly Suchon / Xbox
MarketingJason Raics / Xbox
MarketingAnderson Aiziro / Xbox
MarketingAndrea Noleroth / Xbox
MarketingDeepanshu Chourasia / Xbox
MarketingFred Christian / Xbox
MarketingKari Annand / Xbox
MarketingLaura Hamilton / Xbox
MarketingRichard Tso / Xbox
MarketingShana Matthews / Xbox
DesignerChristina Antoinette Neofotistou / Other Ocean, Group
DesignerJeremy Williams / Other Ocean, Group
DesignerDave Rees / Other Ocean, Group
DesignerMike Mika / Other Ocean, Group
DesignerDrew Scanlon / Other Ocean, Group
MarketingKeri Ross / Microsoft
MarketingAmanda O'Neal / Microsoft
MarketingTheresa van den Theresa van den Boogaard / Xbox
MarketingRod Murray / Microsoft
MarketingJamie Merrill / Xbox
MarketingErin Hofmann / Xbox
MarketingBardi Moradi / Xbox
MarketingKari Perez / Xbox
MarketingJosh Stein / Xbox
MarketingBeth Hall / Xbox
MarketingMaureen Gibbs / Xbox
MarketingSean Jordan / Xbox
MarketingKate Yaegar / Xbox

This 2021 Clio Entertainment Silver winning entry titled 'Xbox & Space Jam: A New Legacy PR/Influencer Program' was entered for Space Jam: A New Legacy by Xbox, Redmond, WA. The piece was submitted to the medium: Games: Public Relations within the entry type: Games and the category: Press/Influencer Kits & Collateral. It consists of 1 video and 4 images.