Jianai Charity,Boke Charity

The Guardian of Memories

Entrant Company
Mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Film (Health & Wellness)
61 Seconds to Five Minutes
Entry Type
Health Awareness & Advocacy
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Agency NetworkDentsu
Holding CompanyDentsu
Production Company1cm studio, Chengdu
Advertiser BrandJianai Charity,Boke Charity, Shanghai
Advertising AgencyMcgarrybowen Shanghai, Shanghai
Entrant CompanyMcgarrybowen Shanghai, Shanghai
Chief Executive Officer谭靖桥 Simone Tam / mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Chief Creative OfficerJeffry Gamble / mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Group Creative Director侯宗昆 Recky Hou / mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Creative Director李鄂 Leo Li / mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Associate Creative DirectorKeane Low / mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Associate Creative Director巫玉倩 Spencer Wu / 巫玉倩 Spencer Wu
Art Director郭倩 Lucky Guo / mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Account Executive蔡丛杰 Jeff Cai / mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Account Executive费可涵 Sandy Fei / mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Producer袁文静 Lexie Yuan / mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Director熊煜聪 Yucong Xiong / 1cm studio
Artist王丕鸿 Pihong Wang / 1cm studio
Artist谭方媛 Fangyuan Tan / 1cm studio
Artist甘文聪 Congwen Gan / 1cm studio
Artist杨李邦泽 Libangze Yang / 1cm studio
Animator唐俊杰 Junjie Tang / 1cm studio
Animator于晏 Yan Yu / 1cm studio
Composer周藻 Zao Zhou / 1cm studio

This 2021 Clio Health Shortlisted entry titled 'The Guardian of Memories' was entered for Jianai Charity,Boke Charity by Mcgarrybowen Shanghai, Shanghai. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: Dentsu and holding company: Dentsu. The piece was submitted to the medium: Film (Health & Wellness) within the entry type: Health Awareness & Advocacy and the category: 61 Seconds to Five Minutes. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.