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Student Public Relations

Entries in this medium include marketing efforts and brand communications that impact brand or organization perception, awareness and/or garner media coverage.

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A student is defined as someone who is enrolled (full or part-time) in a recognized film school program or an accredited college or university. The work submitted by a student must have been produced during their enrollment, and within the period of August 1, 2020 - February 16, 2022.

Entry Types

  • Business-to-Business
  • Product/Service
  • Public Service



  • Brand Development – Entries in this category focus on the creation of a specific identity for a product, its positioning in the marketplace and what it means to its target audience.
  • Cause Related – Entries in this category focus on creating awareness for a cause.
  • Corporate Image – Entries in this category deal with the generally accepted image of what a company stands for and how it is perceived by the public.
  • Employee Engagement – Entries in this category relate to maintaining and/or restoring employer-employee relationships that contribute to productivity, motivation, and morale.
  • Environmental – Entries in this category communicate an organization’s corporate social responsibility or environmentally friendly practices to the public with the goal of improving the organization’s brand awareness and reputation.
  • Multicultural – Entries in this category focus on communication to diverse audiences about an organization’s products and services that meet their language and cultural needs.
  • Product Launch – Entries in this category introduce a new product or service to its target audience.
  • Public Affairs – Entries in this category are for communications on matters of politics and public policy. 
  • Real Time Response – Entries in this category are about the process by which an organization deals with a major event or current public issue within a timely manner that threatens to harm the well-being of the organization.
  • Self Promotion – Entries in this category are created to self-promote or publicize a brand or individual's services.
  • Special Event/Activation – Entries in this category promote a face-to-face event or stunt specifically designed to deliver a message, introduce a new product or create interest in a topic, product or service.
  • Other – An entry in this category is for work that is not defined by any of the available categories.


Entry Fee: $150


This medium type is not eligible for campaign entries.


Required Media

  • Image (up to 10)

Optional Media

  • Video (1)
  • PDF (1)
  • URL (up to 4)

For details on the specific media requirements please see the Media Requirements section.

For judging purposes, please submit your entry in English. Non-English entries must be dubbed in English. In addition, you must also provide an English translation in the “English-Language Translation” box on the entry form.