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Clio Health 2022:

Entry Types & Mediums

Entry Types:
Health & Wellness: Animal Health  |  Environmental Health |  Health Awareness & Advocacy |  Health Services & Corporate Communications  |  Lifestyle & Wellness  |  Over-the-Counter  |  Products & Devices

Pharmaceutical: Device & Diagnostics  |  Direct-to-Consumer  |  Direct-to-Professionals  |  Disease Awareness & Advocacy |  Veterinary

Consumer Brand Health Initiative: Consumer Brand Health Initiative

If you have any questions about medium types, please click the envelope icon below and send us a message.

Student Medium Types


Entry Types:

Entry types represent the sectors of the health industry. On the entry form, select the entry type that best aligns with your submission.


Health & Wellness: Health & Wellness entries are for creative marketing executions and campaigns that advertise or market non-prescription brands, products or services that facilitate an individual's health and/or wellness.

Animal Health – products, services and activities that are geared towards animal health. 

Environmental Health – services and/or products concerned with monitoring or mitigating factors in the environment or situations that affect human health.

Health Awareness & Advocacy – education about the diagnosis/treatment of a particular health condition and/or advocacy for general health causes.

Health Services & Corporate Communications – hospitals & clinics, health insurance & health services and corporate communications for the healthcare industry. This also includes agency/brand self-promotion work.

Lifestyle & Wellness– products, services and activities that facilitate an individual’s healthy lifestyle. This includes, but is not limited to: nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress relief, mental health, self-care and sexual wellness.

Over-the-Counter – healthcare products typically available in a pharmacy that do not require a physician’s prescription. This includes but is not limited to non-prescription medications, applications and nutraceuticals.

Products & Devices – products, devices or tools used for at home measuring, testing or betterment of one’s health.


Pharmaceutical: Pharmaceutical entries are for creative marketing executions and campaigns for brands or products related to prescription and/or regulated medicinal drugs or tools and their preparation, use or sale.

Device & Diagnostics – surgical supplies, tools and products used for measuring or testing.

Direct-to-Consumer – services and/or goods marketed directly to consumers that require a prescription.  

Direct-to-Professionalssolely for healthcare professionals, including internal communications. 

Disease Awareness & Advocacyeducation about the diagnosis/treatment of a particular disease and/or advocacy for specific medical conditions.

Veterinaryproducts and services for animal diagnosis, prescription or treatment.


Consumer Brand Health Initiative: Consumer Brand Health Initiative entries are for creative marketing executions and campaigns for brands, products or services that are not directly related to the health industry, but that have integrated a health initiative into their marketing, advertising and/or brand communications.

*There are no sub-entry types within Consumer Brand Health Initiative