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Media Requirements

Please remove the following before uploading any media:

- Agency Credits
- Individual Credits
- Agency Logos
- Slates

If you have any questions about media requirements, please click the envelope icon below and send us a message.

Image Upload

NOTE: All medium types require an image to be uploaded to the entry in order to submit payment

Required Spec for Image Uploads:

  • Resolution*:
    - 2400 x 3000 pixels (portrait minimum)
    - 3000 x 2400 pixels (landscape minimum)

    * Please note the following exceptions:
      Digital/Mobile, Social Media,
      Film/Video, Film/Video Craft,
      and the Use of Music mediums
      - 800 x 600 pixels (portrait minimum)
      - 600 x 800 pixels (landscape minimum)
  • File Type:
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • Color Mode: RGB
  • File Size: Up to 50 MB

In the event that your entry is awarded a statue, the image provided will be used as a thumbnail on the Winners' Gallery on the Clio website.


Video Upload

Required Spec for Video Uploads:

  • Resolution: 640 x 480 (minimum)
  • File Type: mp4
  • Compression: h264
  • Sound: AAC 44khz
  • File Size: Up to 500 MB

All bars, slates, and black must be removed from videos.

All videos must be submitted through the entry system on the Upload tab. 

PDF Upload

Required Spec for PDF Uploads:

  • File Size: Up to 50 MB
  • PDFs can be either single page or multiple pages.
  • PDFs do not need to be 300dpi resolution.
  • We suggest using Adobe's 'Reduced Size PDF' feature when saving your file.

Audio Upload

Required Spec for Audio Uploads:

  • File type: .mp3
  • Sampling rate: 44 KHz (44,100 Hz)
  • Bit rate: 196 KB/s (maximum)
  • Sound: Stereo
  • File size: up to 50 MB


Required Spec for URL:

  • Entrants must keep the URL accessible online for judging through January, 2025..
  • Please provide any login credentials required to access the URL.
  • Please do not have the case study video within the URL.*
  • URL entered may not contain agency name at any point,including but not limited to website, webpage title or within the URL link.
    * note: Entrants are able to upload video footage within our media upload portion. 

Physical Entries

All physical components must arrive at the Clio office no later than Friday, October 11, 2024.

Please mail all physical entries to:
Clio Awards
104 W 27th St
10th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 1-212-683-4300

Clio Music allows for physical entries in the Design medium only for submissions in the Packaging, Posters & Printed Materials, and Sustainability categories. All physical entries submitted are optional for this medium and categories.

Physical entry submission instructions:
  • Please provide the appropriate Judging Label and Entry Detail forms in the package with the physical sample.
  • Please DO NOT glue, tape, or otherwise permanently attach the forms to the entry.
  • Please provide an actual sample of the work as the target audience would have received it.